Drink Snack Pack

Enjoy this refreshing snack pack inspired by some classic summertime drinks!


Includes one apple of each flavor. All apples are Granny Smith.


Lemonade: Hand-dipped in our creamy caramel and lemonade-flavored chocolate. Topped with sanding crystals and powdered sugar.

Piña Colada: Hand-dipped in our creamy caramel and pineapple-coconut-flavored chocolate. Topped with chocolate drizzle and coconut flakes.

Blue Raspberry Slushie: Hand-dipped in our creamy caramel and blue raspberry-flavored chocolate. Topped with sanding crystals.

Root Beer Float: Hand-dipped in our creamy caramel and our root beer-flavored chocolate and dusted with powdered sugar.

Drink Snack Pack